Hello, Solstarter community! It has been a frenetic month for Solstarter, and we’d like to put together a general update post to keep our community in the loop. We’ll be going over information for our successful KYC applicants, an update to the whitepaper, new community moderators, as well as key new collaborators as part of the Solstarter project.

Let’s dive in.

Whitepaper 1.1

Since the release of the public whitepaper, there have been several edits, improvements, and updates made to the existing structure of the project including; a revamped and codified due diligence architecture, several key company hires, a more…

Welcome back to another Solstarter Design Journal! Before we begin, we’d like to thank all of our wonderful supporters at the Solstarter Community Telegram — as of the writing of this post, we are well over 100,000 members strong and we are quickly growing to be one of the largest Solana-based community channels! If you’d like to join the discussion, please visit the Telegram by clicking here.

As an extra note of caution, we would also like to remind our supporters that the Solstarter team will never DM you; the TGE has not started, and any information from non-official channels…

EDIT: The Solstarter whitelist is now CLOSED.

Hello Solstarter community! We are delighted to announce the whitelist for Solstarter’s native token SOS will go live on 11 May at 19:30 UTC.

The Solstarter Whitelisting process is not based on FCFS (First-Come-First-Served) so please don’t feel any need to rush through this document. You can read through slowly, ensuring you understand every aspect and everyone who participates with a valid address will receive an airdrop.

Ready? This article will make it easy for everyone to participate.

We will explain exactly how you can join:

  1. The Solstarter Public TGE
  2. The Solstarter Community…

Hello Solstarter community! We’re back with another design journal update, giving you our insights, philosophy, and general thought process when it comes to our particular launchpad approach. Today’s article we will be unveiling some highly in-demand information, as well as officially opening up a public forum of discussion.

Let’s begin.

Building Communities

When we decided to build on Solana, one of our initial tasks was to go beyond creating a simple dapp for their ecosystem; after all, realizing an antifragile platform is more than just obtaining novel code and developer mindshare. No, the objective in question was much more intriguing for us…

Hello, Solstarter community! It’s been almost a month since we officially introduced Solstarter. We have since welcomed Attic Lab CTO Yurii Savchenko, Attic Labs developer Vadim Grozinok, and Everstake product manager Vit Parkhomenko into our core technology team.

Who is Sergii Ropchan and Everstake?

Today, we are officially welcoming Everstake co-founder and CTO Sergii Ropchan as the CTO of Solstarter. Ropchan brings significant experience in contributing as a validator and community member of multiple successful high-profile blockchain projects, such as The Graph, Mina, and Casper Labs.

Hello Solstarter community! We’re writing to you again to give you another detailed breakdown of yet another facet of Solana’s upcoming premier launchpad, Solstarter. Two of the main points we will be addressing today relate to 1) the value proposition of Solstarter as a launchpad and 2) A condensed roadmap featuring some of the intended features we intend to roll out for the application.

Let’s begin.

How Solstarter brings value to projects

Taking a cursory glance at some of the top projects that have skyrocketed to success over the last few years, the main indicators of their success could be surmised as a combination of both…


Hello Solstarter community! It’s been a few days since we’ve officially begun releasing details around the platform, and we aim to reveal full details through these introductory posts. Today’s topic of discussion will revolve around the Solana platform itself; how it’s different from Ethereum in design and architecture, how it handles complex operations, and importantly, how we aim to leverage these features as part of the Solstarter launchpad.

Let’s begin.

Technical Capability

Solana as a blockchain delivers several different breakthrough solutions that help to make it one of the most performant Layer 1s in the world. There are a number of groundbreaking…

Hello Solstarter community! It’s been a couple weeks since the project has been officially unveiled on Twitter and we’ve already announced several great seed partners who will be helping to bring the Solstarter vision to reality.

The key players who will help bring the vision to life.

We thought we’d take the time here to write up a post going over a few notes on Solstarter itself, some of the general design principles we sought to execute on, and a few of the primary goals. …


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