Whalemap: Showing You How Whales Behave

Giving the Power Back to Retail Traders

  • March 2020: During the Corona-drop bottom, were the whales buying or selling?
  • May 2021: At the 29K bottom, was the market panic selling?
  • Dec 2021: Right now down 25% from ATHs, what prices should I use as HODL or Sell indicators?

Democratising Data

As the crypto markets continue to mature, the amount of data available to users expands with it. With blockchain analytics, Whalemap is able to democratise previously unavailable data for retail traders in an easy to understand interface.

  1. Large Wallet Inflows.
    Going back to our list of questions, you’ll be able to see price levels at which large players accumulated bitcoins that they are currently holding.
  2. Moving P&L.
    With this chart, you’ll be able to identify if investors are selling their Bitcoins at a profit or loss. Taking it a step further, high profit-taking volume signifies overheated market conditions and top in price!

Diving Into The Details

There’s plenty of whales in the ocean. What makes Whalemap different to other analytics providers?

  • Tracking multiple blockchains.
    Track data on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and other blockchains.
  • Everything is in real time.
    Whalemap custom data pipeline processes up to 100,000 transactions per second straight out of each blockchain.
  • DeFi smart contracts analytics.
  • DEX Integration.
    Instead of viewing analytical data on the Whalemap platform and then moving over to another platform to trade, users can trade based on their analysis without leaving Whalemap’s platform.
  • Educational content, UI and accessibility.
  • Wallet labeling.
    Utilise the latest research to build machine learning models that tag exchanges, miners, OTC desks, and other entities with the highest precision and lowest latency possible.
  • IDO
  • New Charts
  • Block by block resolution
  • Demo Pro.Whalemap
  • Real-time mempool data
  • Multichart functionality
  • Websocket API access
  • Multi blockchain support
  • DeFi protocol analysis
  • DEX integration
  • Release Pro.Whalemap
  • NN wallet labeling
  • Alerts
  • Governance

$WMP is the key to your solutions

$WMP is Whalemap’s native platform token that allows you to access the data and analytics that our platform will provide. In essence, holding our token will represent the power of Whalemap and the value of the data that we provide to our users.



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