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Hello Solstarter community! We’re writing to you again to give you another detailed breakdown of yet another facet of Solana’s upcoming premier launchpad, Solstarter. Two of the main points we will be addressing today relate to 1) the value proposition of Solstarter as a launchpad and 2) A condensed roadmap featuring some of the intended features we intend to roll out for the application.

Let’s begin.

How Solstarter brings value to projects

Taking a cursory glance at some of the top projects that have skyrocketed to success over the last few years, the main indicators of their success could be surmised as a combination of both novel technological innovation and also dedicated communities that have spearheaded the adoption of these projects. While we find this view agreeable, we think it is a naive conclusion that misses a lot of the inner workings of exactly what makes a project (and its offering) tick. It’s no longer enough to build great product; nor is it enough to have killer marketing. Other elements, like committed communities, properly aligned token incentives, and the like are mere parts of the whole. To make a truly exemplary project, one needs to have every element in place.

Solstarter assists projects in many of these aspects by first helping teams on the technical side through advisory services. These services include helping projects develop tokenomics and rollout strategies, connecting them to the top auditors and security researchers, and introducing them to top blockchain developers and product designers.

This again, is a rather workman’s view of the things we can offer teams looking to raise on Solstarter, but again, there is plenty of nuance that truly puts the finishing touch on this sort of assistance. For example, we think long and hard from a fundamental standpoint about how to actually execute on the value-add we’d like to offer to applicant teams. For example, who is going to do the advisory? Who is going to provide the technical assistance? What are the terms of those agreements, and how will that sort of mentoring program be properly aligned, both now and in the future?

It was a tough problem to crack — ultimately, we felt that there wasn’t an existing solution for this sort of thing available on the market. Sure, launchpads exist — but it’s not nearly enough to have a large raise and call it a day there. We’re not in 2017 anymore — times have changed. Gone are the days when projects could skirt by unaudited, or where progress was more opaque. The Solstarter solution then, is making extensive use of the Alliance, dedicated technical teams that have proven their stuff through years of applied expertise, and then aligning those interests along with the applicant team through token incentives and the opportunity to get in on strategic rounds.

Details as to which companies we are onboarding onto the Solstarter Alliance for this task will be revealed over time, but note that we’re always looking for more talent in this area. If you are part of a blockchain research firm, offer expert counsel or advisory services, and otherwise, then this can be a great opportunity to both be a part of truly vetted innovative products as well as build on Solana, the most performant blockchain in history. Moving on!

On the awareness side, Solstarter will introduce projects to top exchanges for potential listings, assist with community building strategies, and provide expertise that will allow them to forgo expensive marketing budgets. By having a strong reputation for only listing the top projects on our platform, winning applicants can expect to have dedicated and engaged communities spearheading the organic adoption of their mission from the ground up.

Simply put — Solstarter allows developers and teams to focus fully on project development and their technical roadmap. Through the initial launchpad boost, teams can expect to have a lot of the hard work that comes with starting any crypto project offloaded by having Solstarter as an advisor that is always by their side.

Development Roadmap

Solstarter not only aims to be the premier launchpad ecosystem on Solana, but will provide additional features soon after launch to provide additional utility previously unseen in launchpads as a whole as well as cement the proper long term incentives for the community.

Firstly, Solstarter aims to establish a DAO which will be used for any governance decisions regarding token mechanisms, potential buybacks, and ecosystem spending. We intend to roll out the DAO late in Q3 of this year, which will place more power into the hands of the community and realize a more decentralized system — the way it should be!

Secondly, Solstarter plans to add OTC Trusted Swap functionality which will allow institutions and individuals to make trusted escrowed transactions on the Solana network. This is a common feature in existing launchpads but hitherto unseen on Solana — through this feature, we aim to provide additional ecosystem tooling and extendibility to Solstarter as a platform. While not directly utilizing the SOS token, we feel that this is a good infrastructure play to help the Solana ecosystem and bring more market adoption leading to larger communities, which is one of the goals of Solstarter.

Thirdly, Solstarter will develop liquidity locking tools on the Solana chain which will allow users to have peace of mind, verify how much of a project’s liquidity is locked for, and the time period for which it is locked, all from an easy to read, intuitive interface. The token vesting contracts are another great feature that we feel a launchpad needs in order to be truly functional, abstracting away as much of the manual workload as possible and giving audiences a true source of information on the status of vesting and unlock schedules. Look forward to this feature!

Fourthly, Solstarter plans to expand to other blockchains which need legitimacy and high quality projects, after establishing Solstarter as the premier launchpad ecosystem built on Solana. Though we are confident in Solana as an ecosystem and plan to fully build out more of that ecosystem tooling, we remain competitive, and are ever aware of other launchpads that tout similar features. Solstarter will aggressively expand to other blockchains and achieve interoperability with its sales and systems, utilizing such technologies as the Solana Wormhole to bridge chains.

Lastly, Solstarter will explore the addition of creating different types of sales from fair LBP pool launches and NFT auctions on chain. This is a set of novel features that further extend the capability and potential of Solstarter as a platform, and ultimately, directly drives utility to the SOS token. SOS is the heart of the system, and by improving the core functionality with these extended features, we intend to make Solstarter grab a proper foothold in Solana and maintain dominance for the future.

Closing Remarks

Solstarter is a platform which will disrupt the way that everyday investors enter and participate in the DeFi ecosystem. While the Solstarter team is focused on decentralized fundraising and IDOs for now, our future plans are much broader and will involve developing additional features for the next generation of Solana projects .

The future of DeFi is Solstarter and Solana. We are making DeFi truly accessible and fair to anyone, regardless of how much money or what connections they have.

Details on the public sale will be released soon, as well as a link to our public Telegram where discussion will soon open up. We are excited to have you on this journey!

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