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Synesis One

$SNS Token Utility:

  • Staking. To play the games in our ecosystem, gamers will have to stake Kanon NFTs or $SNS. In addition, $SNS needs to be staked to build, validate, or architect datasets in our upcoming data yield farming application.
  • Rewards. The rewards that gamers earn in game or through our data yield farming application will be given out in $SNS. In addition, Kanon NFT holders will earn claimable passive rewards whenever the word on their NFT is used by AI clients. This claimable reward is also distributed as $SNS.
  • Governance. Synesis One will progressively become a DAO. $SNS tokens will be required to be held or staked in order to vote within the DAO.


  • If you’re not following us already, simply click the follow button!
  • Go to our Twitter and Like/ Retweet the Synesis One announcement tweet that is pinned to the top of our feed. You can also find it here.
  • Provide your email and Solana address
  • Provide KYC documents
  • Wait for Synaps verification to complete

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