Solstarter | Synesis One Swap Guide

Synesis One Overview:

Swap Details:

  • Symbol: SNS
  • Token Address: SNSNkV9zfG5ZKWQs6x4hxvBRV6s8SqMfSGCtECDvdMd
  • Token Lockup: 3 months (25% unlocked immediately, 25% unlocked after 30 days, 25% unlocked after 60 days, and 25% unlocked after 90 days).
  • Cap in SOL: 1549.9 SOL (±150,000k USD)
  • Swap Ratio: 1 SOL = 1935.6 SNS
  • Minimum Raise: 50,000 USD
  • Swap Start: February 4 Midnight UTC (24 hours phase 1, 24 hours phase II)
  • Swap End: February 6 Midnight UTC (Total 48 hours IDO)
  • Whitelist: 750 addresses total by lottery
  • Max Supply (to be sold on Solstarter): 3,000,000 SNS
  • Allocation per whitelist: 2.0618 SOL guaranteed for phase1 . For phase 2 it is 3 SOL on FCFS

Vesting Structure:

  • 25% unlocked immediately
  • 25% unlocked after 25 days
  • 25% unlocked after 55 days
  • 25% unlocked after 85 days

Synesis One Swap Guide:

  1. Winners will first come to
  2. Select the Synesis One Swap and hit ‘View Info’.
  3. Connect your Solana wallet. You will then be informed of your allocation (if any) on the Swap Menu.
  4. Once the Swap has commenced, enter your desired SOL.
  5. That’s it!

Perks of $SNS

  • Staking. To play the games in our ecosystem, gamers will have to stake Kanon NFTs or $SNS. In addition, $SNS needs to be staked to build, validate, or architect datasets in our upcoming data yield farming application.
  • Rewards. The rewards that gamers earn in game or through our data yield farming application will be given out in $SNS. In addition, Kanon NFT holders will earn claimable passive rewards whenever the word on their NFT is used by AI clients. This claimable reward is also distributed as $SNS.
  • Governance. Synesis One will progressively become a DAO. $SNS tokens will be required to be held or staked in order to vote within the DAO.

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