Solstarter — Solana’s Premier Launchpad | Design Journal

The key players who will help bring the vision to life.

Launchpads At Their Core

Binance trailblazed the launchpad space with their innovative offering.

Launchpads As A Niche

Enter Solstarter

  1. Placing the community first, through proper token incentives, supply distribution, and a guarantee of allocation. This ensures a predictable token value model and raises expectations on token demand.
  2. Benefitting lower net worth individuals, by lowering barriers to entry. In pursuit of this goal, we designed two systems; one which doesn’t penalize low NW investors by requiring extremely long token lockups, and a second that allows them to enter token draws to get allocation tiers higher than their current NW would normally allow.
  3. Fully realizing the benefits of the Solana blockchain by taking advantage of some neat technical capabilities that are only possible on a lightning-fast chain with its general architecture. As an example, we have a token whitelisting feature that allows users to “gift” their whitelists to other users, enabling many new avenues not possible on current generation launchpads.

Technical Chops

The team grows!





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