Solstarter | RunNode Swap Guide

RunNode Overview:

  • RunNode Developer API. An Infura equivalent API for developers and applications to connect into Solana RPC Nodes.
  • Automatic Node Scaling. The API will activate or deactivate nodes automatically to handle increases and decreases in traffic for applications.
  • RunAnalytics. Developers can view analytics and create/maintain API keys in a web interface on to analyse traffic and transactional volume.
  • RunDeploy. A smart contract deployer that will allow developers to write, compile and deploy smart contracts on the Solana blockchain easier.

Swap Details:

Swap Information:

RunNode Swap Guide:

  1. Winners will first come to
  2. Select the RunNode Swap and hit ‘View Info’.
  3. Connect your Solana wallet. You will then be informed of your allocation (if any) on the Swap Menu.
  4. Once the Swap has commenced, enter your desired SOL. The limit per phase is 1.35 SOL. After the first phase ends, if there is still remaining allocation, you may double your allocation and purchase up to another 1.35 SOL.
  5. That’s it! Tokens are locked until the Swap completes. Once complete, go to and Claim your RUN.

Unique Value of Locked Tokens:

  • On-chain payment protocol for RPC Node Access
  • DAO governance voting in the RunDAO for future proposals like chain expansions, project investments, hackathon winners and more.
  • RUN Airdrops for developers to get their tokens into the hands of users.
  • RunNFT white listing with NFT partners and NFT marketplace partners.
  • Compounding rewards in the RunNode StakePools with tiered incentives.



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