Solstarter | Glitter Finance Swap Guide

Glitter Finance Overview:

Specific features include:

  • The Deep Learning Neural Networks. A feature that creates a ‘one-click’ platform, where the algorithm can direct the traders’ funds into profitable yield pools.
  • The Algorand and Solana Bridge. The bridge will work by creating wrapped tokens, on the second blockchain. Glitter Finance is set to solve capital inefficiencies inherent in traditional bridge architecture.
  • Integrated Yield Pools. Meaning trading can be done directly within the bridge, without a trader having to send their funds out.

Swap Details:

Token Information:

  • Symbol: XGLI
  • Token Address: FsPncBfeDV3Uv9g6yyx1NnKidvUeCaAiT2NtBAPy17xg
  • Token Lockup: 10% unlocked at Token Generation Event and then 30% unlocked on each of the following 3 months.

Swap Information:

  • Launch cap: 600k USD
  • Swap Ratio: 1 USD = 5.555 XGLI
  • Minimum Raise: 300k USD
  • Swap Start: March 10 Midnight UTC (12 hours phase I, 12 hours phase II)
  • Swap End: March 11 Midnight UTC (Total 24 hours IDO)
  • Whitelist: 1355 addresses total by lottery
  • Max Supply (to be sold on Solstarter): 3.3m XGLI
  • Allocation per whitelist:
    444.44 USD in phase I (Guaranteed single purchase)
    1000 USD in phase II (Whitelisted FCFS)

Vesting schedule:

  • March 11th Midnight UTC: 10%
  • April 11th Midnight UTC: 30%
  • May 11th Midnight UTC: 30%
  • June 11th Midnight UTC: 30%

Glitter Finance Swap Guide:

  1. Winners will first come to
  2. Select the Glitter Finance Swap and hit ‘View Info’.
  3. Connect your Solana wallet. You will then be informed of your allocation (if any) on the Swap Menu.
  4. Once the Swap has commenced, enter your desired USDC.
  5. That’s it!

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