Solstarter | Community Update 1

Hello, Solstarter community! It has been a frenetic month for Solstarter, and we’d like to put together a general update post to keep our community in the loop. We’ll be going over information for our successful KYC applicants, an update to the whitepaper, new community moderators, as well as key new collaborators as part of the Solstarter project.

Let’s dive in.

Whitepaper 1.1

Since the release of the public whitepaper, there have been several edits, improvements, and updates made to the existing structure of the project including; a revamped and codified due diligence architecture, several key company hires, a more long-term repositioning plan and additional extra features planned for rollout. While Solstarter has been undergoing its build process, we have refined key areas where applicable and improved the platform in both a logistical and technical level that will set Solstarter apart as the gold standard for IDO launchpad platforms. Look for more on this in our updated whitepaper that will be publicly released in the near future.

KYC Update for Applicants

We have composed our final list of applicants that are greenlit for the upcoming Solstarter TGE. Our last e-mail was one sent to successful applicants letting them know they could update their Solana addresses one last time (as a few members had either forgotten their previous addresses or no longer had access to them). The next update for applicants will be one detailing the TGE itself and how to access it.

Update on Community Management

Some of you may already know Dale ( as a moderator in the community. We are happy to formally announce him as a lead community manager and a bridge between the Solstarter community and internal team! We’ve also noted the large audience we’ve amassed and want to serve the community properly; that’s why we’ve partnered up with Amazix who will be providing more community management and moderators in the Solstarter chat who will be active to help guide users and answer questions the community may have. Please welcome them!

Rarestone Capital joins the Solstarter Alliance

Another update to the growing list of world class teams and divisions joining the Solstarter Alliance, Rarestone Capital will be joining the Solstarter Alliance as both a key due diligence partner as well as a general collaborator and provider of support. Rarestone Capital is a crypto venture capital firm investing and incubating early stage cryptonetworks and blockchain-enabled businesses. They support purpose-driven founders building new technologies across the web3 and DeFi stack.

Product Notes, First Solstarter App Previews & More!

As we ramp up towards public TGE and the release of the Solstarter app, we’d also like to give more detail as to Solstarter’s long term positioning in the Solana ecosystem will be achieved — how we wish to engage and interact with projects and teams looking to raise on our platform, as well as crucially how we intend on providing future support to these projects post-IDO. Look for more on this in a follow-up Solstarter Design Journal, and keep an eye out on our socials for a first look into the Solstarter app and how it will look!