How Kaizen Finance Will Revolutionise Crypto


The crypto universe moves fast. Pre-sales are no exception.

Pre-sales have become a high risk environment, notorious for chewing up and spitting out inexperienced projects and investors alike.

No more.

Kaizen Finance is the first cross-chain token lifecycle management platform where projects and DAOs can securely generate, issue, and manage their token offerings.

In other words, Kaizen Finance makes crypto safer and simpler for everyone.

The SAFT Days Are Over

Have you had enough?

Enough of token presales full of loopholes, unpredictable legal complexities, and countless opportunities for fraud and malfeasance?

We’ve had enough too and are delighted to present you with a solution.

Welcome to the Kaizen Finance Protocol.

Welcome to a new crypto world where tokenomics are simple to understand.

You Focus On The Moon, Kaizen Finance Will Focus On The Details

Kaizen Finance was developed to provide a platform for projects and DAOs to create and manage the lifecycle of their tokens and build trusted, transparent and strong relationships with investors.

Kaizen Finance simplifies the most complex (and confusing) aspects of token offerings so you don’t have to! Afterall, you’re busy picking the next project that will land on the moon.

With the Kaizen Finance platform projects and companies can easily:

  • Create and manage a sophisticated token ecosystem without writing a single line of code;
  • Issue tokens with transparent tokenomics using secure smart contracts;
  • Set vesting schedules and clearly embed terms into locked tokens;
  • Automate token distribution to presale participants and investor wallets;
  • Create, manage, and automate token airdrops;
  • Configure and create staking opportunities for token investors.

This is possible through Kaizen Finance’s intelligent approach. Kaizen Finance institutes a new way of managing offerings through the precision and security of smart contracts.

Only with Kaizen Finance, investors can immediately receive purchased tokens to their wallets, whether unlocked or locked! You can learn more about the feature and its implementation in the Kaizen Finance litepaper.

What does this mean (without all the complex words)?

Basically, any token presale implemented via a Kaizen Finance-authored smart contract is simpler and more secure than a signed SAFT agreement. With Kaizen Finance, you can say goodbye to:

  • Fraud
  • Misrepresentation
  • Insider Transactions
  • Preferential Trading
  • “Rug Pulls” by whales and undisclosed token holders

You focus on the next project to 1000x, Kaizen Finance will iron out the legalities.

At this point, you might be worried. This product will solve so many problems. So, what’s the catch? Perhaps it is only applicable to a small range of cases? Incorrect.

Kaizen Finance is cross-chain capable. Meaning, it is able to author and support concurrent smart contracts on multiple blockchains, e.g. on Ethereum, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Polygon and more. Currently, Kaizen Finance is building out it’s Solana capabilities; we are proud to be working alongside Kaizen Finance to bring this powerful solution to the Solana ecosystem.

Consider Yourself The Next Satoshi?

Of course, it works the other way around too.

If you are a project or company wishing to secure crypto funding, this is the best protocol you can use.

The Kaizen Finance platform enables projects to provide transparency and eliminate any risk of an execution error whether during presale, vesting or distribution of tokens.

As a project, you can go from generating your token to a presale-ready state in a matter of hours with everything (including vesting schedules) automated, configured, and ready-to-go.

The Roadmap To A Better Crypto Universe

The Kaizen Finance team has made it their mission and sole purpose to achieve a safer and more transparent presale environment. Solstarter also strives for more fairness, transparency and equality in the space (that’s why we are a fantastic match!).

The mission timeline is as follows:


  • Swap & Stake for Ethereum blockchain
  • BSC & HECO support
  • Collateralised pools

PHASE 2 (Q4 2021)

  • kDEX beta-release
  • Polygon support
  • Third-party vested tokens

PHASE 3 (Q1 2022)

  • Solana support

Concluding Remarks

Kaizen Finance will enable projects and investors to reach never-seen-before levels of trust and transparency. The platform is completely unique in nature. Thanks to Kaizen Finance, investors can safely place their trust in promises that are backed by smart contracts.

These innovations are guaranteed to change the crypto world as we know it.

Trust and simplification are the main barriers to global adoption. Kaizen Finance is breaking those barriers.

Only one question remains unanswered: Will you join us and support Kaizen Finance to help shape the future of crypto?

Give Me More Kaizen Finance

Keen to learn more about Kaizen Finance? Understandable. Please refer to the following resources:







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