Atlas DEX — The Key That Unlocks DeFi’s Full Potential

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DeFi has shaken bankers and traditional finance to their cores.

The market is thriving, the user base is soaring and the demand is heating. To sustain this growth, key inefficiencies and complications in DeFi need to be addressed.

Enter Atlas DEX.

Atlas is a cross-chain DEX aggregator built on the Solana blockchain.

It gives traders one simple UI map that aggregates liquidity across the AMMs that currently populate the DeFi world and lets them trade seamlessly between them.

Atlas DEX is the key that unlocks the full potential of DeFi.

The DeFi Dark

Make no mistake, opportunity in DeFi is plentiful. However, there are key setbacks, particularly for explorers navigating AMMs across multiple blockchain economies:

  1. Serious scalability concerns

There are over 10,000 cryptocurrencies and tokens in existence today, each operated on a limited, isolated infrastructure. This results in liquidity and functionality silos, where one platform is unable to access liquidity and features from another chain.

Traders called for a more straightforward experience, or better said, a map of the DeFi realm. Atlas DEX answered.

The Atlas DEX Solution

Atlas solves the scalability setback by integrating Solana’s ‘wormhole’ tech. It is a leaderless, decentralised framework that relies on the consensus of the chains it bridges.

At the moment, Atlas has Solana, Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon integrated, with AVAX and Terra planned for integration.

Cross-chain DEX aggregation hasn’t been available on the Solana ecosystem before, which is why the community has been greatly anticipating our launch. Our platform allows people to access aggregated liquidity pools and make cross-chain swaps seamlessly. Atlas DEX has already integrated Solana, Ethereum, Binance Chain and Polygon and will continue to integrate leading blockchains to improve cross-chain connectivity.” — Ahmed Salam, Founder of Atlas DEX.

Through intricate design and deliberate intent, Atlas DEX also provides solutions to the slippage and price discrepancy setbacks.

  • Atlas gathers price data from available AMMs and then makes the appropriate division of assets to get the best price.

What’s more, you’ll save time otherwise spent manually lurching from platform to platform to get the best price.

The opportunity to execute any trade imaginable at the best possible price is thus made scalable to the entire market.

And of course, as Atlas plugs into more DEXs and AMMs, a yield aggregator will give advanced users a chance to maximize their profits in the easiest manner available.

Map To The Future

Atlas DEX is well on track with its roadmap, having achieved all targets so far and with big plans for the future.

Q1 2022

  • Launch of Cross-Chain Swap Platform (Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain/Polygon to Solana)

Q2 2022

  • Launch of Liquidity Pools and Farms

Q3 2022

  • Mainnet Completion (Swap to/from any Chain)

Q4 2022

  • Continue Cross-Chain R&D

The NFT Platform will include launchpads that exclude the impact of bots. Further, there will be an all in one sweatshop to mint and put NFTs up for sale directly. Through these features, Atlas aims to ensure a fair process from start to finish. The marketplace will also benefit from Solana’s cheap transaction fees.

Atlas will feature its own liquidity pools too. Traders can access Atlas’s own pools and can list new trading pairs within them. Liquidity providers will receive rewards in trading fees and be part of drawing the map by receiving Atlas’s governance token, $ATS.

Perks of the token:

  • Staking. Staking $ATS will generate a yield to reward support of the protocol.

The Proof Is In The Funding

Atlas DEX is unique in that it identifies critical problems in DeFi and provides targeted and impactful solutions.

It is therefore no surprise that they have received strong support from the DeFi community and have raised $6 million in funding. Key Partners include Jump Capital and Huobi Ventures. The funding will fuel integrations of further leading blockchains, a DeFi dashboard, liquidity pools and the NFT marketplace.

“As the DeFi ecosystem grows, cross-chain interoperability becomes increasingly important to end users. We’re impressed at how Atlas DEX uses trusted technology and its intuitive user experience to simplify the complexities of cross-chain connectivity and reduce barriers for users.” — Saurabh Sharma, General Partner at Jump Capital

Putting It Altogether

In short, Atlas DEX revolutionises your DeFi experience.

It ensures slippage is minimized, liquidity traps are avoided, and price-date is most effectively utilized so that you take the best possible route from one token to another.

And, the cherry on top is that the Atlas DEX solution is scalable.

More Atlas DEX

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